John D. Banja, PhD

John D. Banja is a Professor and Medical Ethicist at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His contributions to the medical ethics field are extensive as he lays claim to the titles of teacher, lecturer, author and researcher. His graduate education concentrated in Philosophy culminating in a doctoral degree from New York’s Fordham University in 1976.

Dr. Banja’s present research focuses on the moral formation of healthcare professionals, empathic communication, disclosure of medical error, neuroethics and translational research ethics.

At the Atlanta Clinical Translation Science Institute at Emory, he serves as Director for the Section on Ethics in Research and Participant Advocacy. Teaching and lecturing on topics in medical ethics throughout the United States, he has delivered over 700 presentations to national and international audiences and has authored over 150 papers plus a book, Medical Errors and Medical Narcissism (Jones and Bartlett, 2005). A widely respected expert, Dr. Banja is a recipient of many awards and honors and is a former board member of the Commission for Case Manager Certification.